Puzzle It – neat ideas for puzzles

Typically puzzles are thought of as something to do for a challenge and fun, but have ever thought a puzzle could be so much more?

Puzzles can be also be used as:
• Invitations
• Cards
• Thank you gifts
• Party favors
• Challenging game with a personal touch
• Unique way to present your photos or messages

Some of the coolest products we have made for clients include:

• Invitations to be in a bridal party with a photo of the bride and groom (to be) on the puzzle holding a sign that invites their friends to be in the wedding party.

• A holiday card with a photo and “Happy Holidays From” text on it.

• An 40th wedding anniversary puzzle featuring a wedding photo with just a note on the box saying what happened on 6-18-1972. So they had to put the puzzle together to see what happened on that date.

The creativity is only limited by your imagination of what a puzzle could be.

With our custom puzzle service, we can take you images, text and turn them into a puzzle or create a unique image just for you.

Puzzles are available in 3 sizes, with more to come.
• 40 Piece 5″ x 7″ – Simple to do
• 48 Piece 8″ x 10″ – Most simple to do
• 252 Piece 11″ x 14″ – Hardest to do

Visit our web site to order a puzzle

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