Creative ways to use framing materials around the home!

I have been in the framing business for over 30 years and have found some great and useful uses for framing materials besides framing artwork.

MAT BOARD is great around the house or office as a protector for your surfaces. I put it under my planters, small appliances, computers and many other items to prevent them from scratching my desks, window sills, tables and counters. When the board gets dirty, I just replace it with a new piece. It also makes items easier to move around on surfaces.

PLEXI GLASS (ACRYLIC GLASS) – We all have those wire metal organizer shelves in our closets, pantries and storage areas. The gaps in the wires either mark what you put on them, or allow items to fall through the wires. To solve this problem I cut up sheets of Acrylic to fit on top of the shelves so I now have a gap free shelf. Works great in areas where you want to put books or magazines that would have fallen through the shelves. Also works great with cloths to eliminate those annoying lines the shelves leave. Acrylic strips also work as a great divider in drawers. Acrylic glass is also good for protecting table tops and serving areas from scratches.

FOAM BOARD – Great for household projects such as filling gaps in windows around air conditioners. Pieces make great work areas for puzzles, kids projects and games so you can just move them out of the way to clean up your table when you are done. Pieces also can be bent and easily shaped to make great dividers in drawers for clothing, tools, kitchen gadgets and more. Scraps of board are great as drop catchers for small painting jobs and as paint edgers.

FRAME MOULDING – If you have ever had a glass table with edges that look to plain have gotten chipped or are just to dangerous for small children. Put a frame around it! It is both functional and can make a table look great and be much safer. Frame moulding also works great on mantles to jazz them up. I have also put frames around those awful looking bathroom medicine cabinets that are not worth replacing but look really terrible. I have also framed many flat panel TV’s.

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