Photo Tips


Camera phone tip.

When taking a picture with  your phone try not to zoom in before you take the picture. By zooming prior to taking the picture you are actually reducing the resolution of the picture. It is better to zoom in after the picture is taken in a photo editor and keep a copy of the original photo. This way you always have the highest resolution photo to go back to if you need it.

Look for the ‘big picture’.

Capture a bird’s eye view of the location you
have traveled to – full of color and vibrancy.

Capture something out of the ordinary.

Ask yourself, what is distinctly unique in this
place that is different from my culture? These
are things that your audience will find interesting.

Seek out architectural shapes

Photograph how another city uses curves, lines
and angles in their architecture. Look for unique
buildings, fences or even pathways. Capture the
perspective that these geographic elements can
provide more impactful images.

Shoot contrasting light or subject matter.

Find contrast in light tones verses dark
tones, or contrast as in textures and locations,
this will keep your images varied.

Capture something that speaks to you.

A tropical landscape, a destitude village, a historic
church… Take pictures of things that matter to you
and your images will be visually gripping no matter
where your travels take you.

Photograph textures and colors.

Foreign countries especially, have an extreme diversity of textures, colors, patterns and content. As a photographer, you can bring those elements together into images that tell a story of your travels.

Switch memory cards.

If shooting with a camera that uses a memory card, swap the card out every day or two. This makes sure that if you loose one card of it gets damaged that all your photos are not lost.

Create a photographic diary.

Some possible shots could include…

  •  buildings & architecture
  •  landscapes – local people (at work & play)
  •  travel companions
  •  food & drink
  •  transportation
  •  marketplaces / shops
  •  street scenes / street signs

I didn’t know you did that! – part 2


Online ordering, websites, social media and posts.

In today’s busy world anything we can do to save time and make our lives easier is a welcome bonus. We don’t always have time to go out and shop or talk to sales staff with questions about what you need and find out what is new.


By being specialist in both framing, printing and photo gifting we have so many products and tons of information that we split it up onto multiple  websites.


When you need something printed or some ideas for making a personalized photo product, use our WABANPHOTO website. We offer everything from basic wallet sized prints to beautiful photo books. Best of all we are small, local and offer unmatched quality and service that you don’t usually get with giant online companies or chain stores.  Our website is advanced and easy to use, so give it a try. We are sure you will be thrilled.

Oh, did I mention…. We make most of these products in house so our turnaround times are great.

Personalized gifts and printing made easy.
Personalized gifts and printing made easy.



When you need items to help you run your business like checks, shopping bags, forms or sidewalk signs we have a web site for that. Go to our  WABANPHOTO.4PRINTING  website.  We offer everything you would need to run an office or store.

All the printed products you need to run a business.
All the printed products you need to run a business.


We love what we do and love to showcase it. On our website  Frame It / Waban Gallery we focus on framing, ready made picture frames, framing examples and our services. You can  learn about how we meticulously handle your art and projects. Shop hundreds or ready made picture frames, framing supplies and matting.

Picture framing and whole lot more.....
Picture framing and whole lot more…..


Our wholesale line of products can be custom printed with your images, sayings and graphics exclusive to you. Why sell what everyone else is, sell your own unique mugs, trays mouse pads or wall art. If you don’t have any images of your own, we have hundreds of images available to put on our various products at Neumann Enterprises Inc. Contact us for more information.

Printed products to sell in your store
Printed products to sell in your store



Keep in touch with what we are currently up to through our instagram posts. We are constantly posting photos and videos about the projects we are working on. Get insight into how we do what we do. Follow us at @frameitwaban.


See what’s new and happening at our store on our Facebook page. Look for helpful tips, new services and general information about  framing, archiving, printing and much more. Share with us and other followers how your finished project came out and how it looks  in you home and office. We would love to see how they look and hear your comments.

Follow Frame It Waban Gallery us on Facebook


Watching a video is sometime much easier than reading a long description about what we do. Visit our YouTube channel to watch some of our videos about what we do. We will be updating the channel over the next few months to include many new videos.

Frame It / Waban Gallery – YOUTUBE

I didn’t know you did that! – part1

Here are Frame It / Waban Gallery and Waban Photo we are always  on the lookout for new services and products to add to our offerings. Over the last few years we have dramatically increased and refined what we offer but not everyone is aware of all that we can do. It seems that every week we get customers who says “I didn’t realize you did that”

So we thought why not put this information together on our blog.  So welcome to our multi part series of “I didn’t know you did that!” and find out  WHAT’s NEW at Frame It / Waban Gallery and Waban Photo.


Digital archiving, scanning, conversions and organizing.



One of the problems with old photos, videos and film is that they will deteriorate over time to the point that your memories may be badly damaged or lost forever.

Let us help you preserves those precious memories by converting them to digital files that can be shared and enjoyed now and tomorrow.


We all have thousands of photos in all forms and formats from digital files, prints, negatives and slides. So how are they organized? Are yours in a box in the closet or buried somewhere on your computer? Wouldn’t it be great if they could all be organized in a way that you could easily find that one picture you are looking ? That’s where we come it.

We offer organizing services that including scanning, sorting and locating photos on your devices. We then work with you to come up with an organization option specifically tailored to your needs and requirements.

Don’t know where to begin? We will help you with a strategy to get started and keep you going in the right direction.

If you have to much to bring in to the store we offer local in home services as well. We can come to your home and help you sort through your printed photos and find them on your computer as well


Film & Video Conversions

 Do you have reels of old home movie film and video tapes somewhere but don’t know what to do with them? Have us transfer them to DVD, Blu-ray and digital files that you can share with family and friends and play on your computer, tablet, phone or TV. Just bring them to us and we do the rest.

We can also make them into a DVD’s with chapter markers, printed case and discs so they look just like a disc you would buy at a store.

Audio Conversions

If you are like me you probably have old audio tapes laying around with recordings of you or someone in the family playing music or performing. Let us transfer those recordings from your cassettes, micro cassettes, reel to reel tapes to digital audio files so you can listen to them again on your computer, tablet and phone.

Audio and video conversion information

Negatives and Slides

What do you do with all those old slides and negatives?  Don’t throw them out! We will covert all your old negatives and slides to today’s’ digital file formats. Slides and negative deteriorate over time so digitizing them is an important step to preserving them. Plus once they are digitized they can finally be viewed, printed, shared and incorporated into books or slideshows.  We have the ability to scan all your film based pictures into a digital file that is viewable on just about everything.

Printed Photos

We all have boxes of family photos somewhere that need to be digitally archived.

It can be an overwhelming task to go through and decide what to keep and not keep. We can help you sort and organize the pictures for scanning. We then handle all the scanning and file labeling so you can actually find the photos once they are on your computer.

We also have some great bulk scanning rates and can create proof books of all the images so you have a reference quid to all the scanned images.

Scanning information

Photo Restoration

Now that you have sorted through your pictures I’m sure you have come across some irreplaceable images that are not in good shape. Our restoration services can repair faded and damaged images to make them look great again. It’s time to enjoy you families legacy again with restored pictures of you most precious moments.

Restoration information

What a difference framing choices can make!

I am constantly asked about how I pick the right framing for pieces of artwork. First and foremost, I make sure the frame and materials I choose are going to support the size of the art and protect it from deterioration over time. There are also some rules of thumb I like to follow about color and size, but the simple answer is I pick what I think looks good with the artwork.

If you have ever had something framed, you know that it isn’t always as simple as that. A piece of art can be framed 10 different ways and look great each way.

• Do you choose certain colors and frames because they will go in my room?
• Do you use a mat? If you do, how large should it be?
• Should the framing be bold, minimalist, dark or light?

I have seen nice pieces of artwork that look bad with poor framing selections while at the same time I have seen poor artwork look great with proper framing.

When framing something be open to all ideas and designs. You never know what might look great to you is not what you had thought.

To highlight this I took 2 sets of the same artwork and framed them dramatically different. As you can see from the side by side comparison that framing can make art look very different. You can make a small piece of art large or small depending on what you do. You can make a traditional piece contemporary and vice versa.

Puzzle It – neat ideas for puzzles

Typically puzzles are thought of as something to do for a challenge and fun, but have ever thought a puzzle could be so much more?

Puzzles can be also be used as:
• Invitations
• Cards
• Thank you gifts
• Party favors
• Challenging game with a personal touch
• Unique way to present your photos or messages

Some of the coolest products we have made for clients include:

• Invitations to be in a bridal party with a photo of the bride and groom (to be) on the puzzle holding a sign that invites their friends to be in the wedding party.

• A holiday card with a photo and “Happy Holidays From” text on it.

• An 40th wedding anniversary puzzle featuring a wedding photo with just a note on the box saying what happened on 6-18-1972. So they had to put the puzzle together to see what happened on that date.

The creativity is only limited by your imagination of what a puzzle could be.

With our custom puzzle service, we can take you images, text and turn them into a puzzle or create a unique image just for you.

Puzzles are available in 3 sizes, with more to come.
• 40 Piece 5″ x 7″ – Simple to do
• 48 Piece 8″ x 10″ – Most simple to do
• 252 Piece 11″ x 14″ – Hardest to do

Visit our web site to order a puzzle

A photograph, by any other name…

If you are planning on printing some digital pictures out and weren’t really sure what the differences in printing were, this may help.

These days there are 4 popular printing technologies that are used. Each one has its advantages and disadvantages from quality and price to look and feel. Below is a list of these technologies and their pros and cons.
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Is your artwork getting damaged just by being on display?

One of the great things about artwork is hanging it up and enjoying it, but it can also be one of the worst things to do to artwork. This may sound odd, but actually hanging artwork can be damaging it. We live in an environment that is filled with all kinds of damaging elements like, u.v. light, humidity, heat and polluted air to name a few. If sunlight can burn our skin, imagine what it can do to you artwork.  Here are a few tips that you can use to help your artwork last and still display it.

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How high should you hang your artwork?

People ask me almost every day, “how high do you hang your pictures so they look good?” Unfortunately there isn’t a simple answer to this question, but I do have some suggestions that will help you make this easier. I generally like to hang pictures at various heights throughout the house. In certain rooms pictures will look better higher and in others they will look better lower. Every room also has its challenges, such as furniture and lighting fixtures getting in the way. I also don’t feel as though every wall in a room needs to have artwork hanging on it. Sometimes a little empty space can make everything look better.
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Rescue your photos from those albums!

Move those photos out of your photo albums, that are collecting dust, into enjoyable everyday usable products. It is amazing what you can put your images on these days. Items range from tiles, memo boards, plates to ipad cases. Plus the products are designed to last for years using the latest printing technology. The possibilities are growing with new products being added daily to our web site. Photos products make the perfect gift for friends and family. Put you favorite pet on a mug or your car on a mouse pad. Check out our photo web site for information or to place an order.

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