Is “discount framing” really discounted?

Many stores like to promote “big discounts,” offering anywhere from 30% to 60% off your picture framing orders, but are you really saving anything?

No store in any business could actually afford to stay open while giving their customers that kind of discount. They are marking up their products very high just to give you a fake discount. The rule of thumb for setting a fair retail price is essentially just taking the cost of a product and doubling it. This allows retailers to recoup the cost of the product, cover business expenses, and still make a profit. Many retailers use this as a basis for pricing merchandise. A 50% discount should mean that the retailer is selling their goods at cost, so that retailer would be losing money. Do you think a retailer is in business to lose money? I don’t!

So how do they get around this and still make money? They triple or quadruple their markup just to give a discount! So are you really saving anything? Usually not! You actually may be paying more than a store that doesn’t give these discounts. Check and compare what you are getting for your hard earned money.

We have adopted a policy of giving you the best price everyday without fake and misleading discounts. Just check and compare what we offer to our competitors and you will see what we are all about. Great quality service, selection and craftsmanship at everyday prices. That is how we have thrived for 35 years and are still going strong today.

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