What is inside your frame is just as important as what is outside

You can bring your artwork to almost any frame shop and get it framed. Most shops will probably make it look pretty good too. So what makes one frame shop different from another?

Like with many products that are made you only get to see the outside of it, but have no idea of what is on the inside. Picture framing is the same. Using poor quality framing materials can actually damage your art from the inside out. By the time you can visually see something wrong, it could be too late.

Here are some simple tips about framing that will keep this from happening:

1) Make sure U.V. filtering glass is used in front of your artwork.

2) Use only archival materials (acid free) in front and back of your artwork.

3) Raw wood should never be touching artwork. This includes mat fillets and the inside edge of the picture frame moulding. Raw wood is very acidic and will actually burn what it touches.

4) Artwork should be attached with removable acid free tapes and adhesives. Tapes like masking, duct and clear mylar should never be used. The will damage the artwork as they age.

5) Dry mounting of artwork. Dry mounting is a permanent process that usually involves a heat press. Since it is permanent and involves heat, it should not be used on valuable artwork.

There are many other processes involved with framing that will help your artwork and framing last. Just asking questions about how your work will be handled can save problems down the road.

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